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2019-11-23 21:32




With the decline of air quality in the living environment, people's attitude towards greening has changed a lot, from large-scale deforestation to the protection of the environment by the current legal provisions, from the replacement of dense jungle with reinforced concrete high-rise buildings, to the urban green belt, the greening of buildings and so on. Although the environment can not be directly replaced to the previous standard, but with the greening has been valued by people, the emergence of three-dimensional greening for us to solve a great problem. The green prospects will be better and better, and the quality of the environment will be better and better.

Three-dimensional greening includes roof greening and vertical greening. Roof greening refers to the greening of all kinds of buildings, structures and other special Spaces that are not connected with the natural soil on the ground. It not only covers the greening of the roof, but also includes the greening of the balcony, roof, terrace, wall, underground garage, overpass and other buildings. Vertical greening refers to the greening in three-dimensional space, occupying a small plane space area, the use of vertical space to plant green plants. And perpendicular afforest wall is plant wall, belong to a kind of form in perpendicular afforest. The application of plant wall also is very extensive, the home, office, shop, restaurant has plant wall figure so on.