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2019-09-15 18:17


First, from a visual point of view, plant walls are more artistic. A plant wall works, through different colors, shapes, sizes and combinations of different arrangements, can be coordinated with the surrounding environment, showing different postures, or enchanting, or bold, or delicate... It can be called a fine work of art.


Secondly, from a technical point of view, the plant wall can realize automatic irrigation and fertilization, which not only liberates people, but also is more conducive to the healthy growth of plants through scientific management and control of plants. Of course, building a successful plant wall also requires more systematic knowledge, such as plants, cultivation, machinery, hydropower and so on.


Third, from an economic point of view, plant walls are more economical than plant rental pendulums. Perhaps the early investment of plant wall is higher, but because of its low maintenance cost, longer life cycle, generally up to 5-10 years, so in the long run, it can greatly save the cost of owners.


Fourth, from a functional point of view, a plant wall can form a small climate environment, thus purifying the air, reducing energy consumption, reducing noise and so on. It is very difficult to achieve the above effect because of the limitation of quantity and area of the current popular plant rental pendulum.


Fifthly, from a social point of view, the current construction of small-area plant walls is actually to provide samples and lay a foundation for building forest cities in the future. Because land is becoming scarcer and scarcer, people in cities are yearning for nature more and more. To solve this contradiction, vertical greening emerges as the times require.


Of course, so many advantages of plant walls mentioned above, the premise is that the construction of plant walls is successful. If, like some irresponsible suppliers in the current market, just for the short-term benefit, a plant wall has been made according to the gourd painting, without really considering the long-term growth of plants, then all of these can not be mentioned.